Horn Rimmed Glasses

Horn Rimmed Glasses are a style of vintage frames common in the early to mid 20th century. Originally made of genuine horn, they were popular for their bold and audacious look. Horn rimmed glasses for men were extremely popular in the 1950s and 1960s, as cat eye glasses were becoming popular with women, and were commonly associated with the Rock N Roll movement.

As plastic became a more common mterial used for manufcaturing horn rim glasses started being manufactured out of plastic rather then natural materials.

Mens Horn Rim Glasses

Horn rim glasses were popular primarily as Mens glasses. Some of the more popular styles of horned rimmed glasses were American Optical Saratoga, Tart Arnel, tart FDR, Pathway Challenger, Shuron Rondean B&L Wayferer and more.

Horn Rim glasses Today

Horn rim glasses today are generally made of plastic. These retro glasses generally look striklingly similar to their original counterparts yet.

Horned rim glasses frames have been highly desirable and extremely sought after vintage frames over the years and they are becoming harder to find in good condition. Eyeglasseswarehouse.com brings you a curated collection of reproduction horn-rimmed glasses for sale.