Vintage Lafont Glasses with Parisian Style

Paris has long been known as the epitome of style, and that includes the eyeglasses from Parisian designers. Eyeglasses Warehouse has antique eyeglass frames from French designer Lafont. You can find Jean Lafont glasses on our website from many different decades, including the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, all beautifully restored and ready to wear.

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About Lafont Eyeglasses

The Lafont company started in 1923 with a small shop in Paris where they sold eyeglasses and hearing aids. At the time, antique spectacles were still mostly for health reasons. They had not yet become a fashion accessory. That would happen over the next decades and as the purpose of eyeglasses changed, so did Lafont’s design styles.

Jean Lafont vintage glasses for men and women evolved to include styles like cat eye glasses, rectangle glasses, semi rimless glasses, and round glasses. What sets Lafont glasses apart from other vintage glasses manufacturers are their:

  • Colors – Lafont incorporated bright colors into their vintage glasses like yellow, red, blue, green, and purple glasses.
  • Patterns – In addition to tortoise shell patterns, Lafont also used leopard print, dots, and other eye-catching patterns.
  • Avant Garde Design – Since the beginning, Lafont has focused on innovation to classic styles, so it is a good vintage brand if you want something more unique.

Additionally, each pair of Lafont glasses has always been handmade in Paris for the finest quality eyeglass frames. Individual pairs can take more than 8 weeks to assemble.

Most antique Lafont glasses from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s were originally sold in Paris, France. Once the company started selling their glasses worldwide in the 1970s, they sold directly to American glasses wearers, making vintage glasses from the 1970s and later somewhat easier to find.

Our selection of vintage designer glasses from Lafont and other famous glasses makers is carefully selected to give you a wide variety of styles, colors, and ages to choose from, making it possible to fit any wardrobe. All of our Lafont glasses are authentic and able to be fitted with your specific prescription or sunglass lenses. Look through our site to see what we have available.

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