Vintage Made in the USA Glasses from Liberty Optical

Eyeglasses Warehouse is one of the largest online retailers of retro and vintage eyeglass frames. Many of our glasses are from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, coming from well known brands like Liberty Optical. Liberty produced glasses in the USA for several decades, offering styles in line with popular looks of the time.

At Eyeglasses Warehouse, we source and restore vintage frames from Liberty and other brands. All of our frames can be taken to an optician to be fitted with prescription lenses, sunglasses lenses, or plain glass depending on how you are going to use your eyeglasses.

About Our Liberty Glasses

Liberty started in 1929 as the Eagle Optical Company based in Newark. It was founded by two Italian immigrants with the goal to produce high quality eyewear. By the 1960s, the company was extremely well known as an eyeglass frame manufacturer and made all of their glasses in America.

Some of their most popular styles of glasses for men and women included:

  • Cat Eye Glasses – Popular for women in the 1950s and 1060s, cat eye glasses have pointed corners where the frames attach to the temples. Cat eye glasses from Liberty may be tortoise shell, brightly colored, or have aluminum tops with engravings.
  • Reading Glasses – Liberty crafted special reading demi glasses. These half frames sat on the nose to offer magnification during reading. Many Liberty reading glasses have a great mid-century style.
  • Gold Frame Glasses – Gold wire rim glasses are a classic look. Liberty sold stylish and functional gold filled glasses in many different lens shapes.
  • Tart Arnel Style Glasses – Liberty had their own style of plastic frame glasses similar to the well known Tart Arnels or Ray-Ban Wayfarers that offer the same retro styling. James Dean’s Glasses were made by Liberty Optical.

Liberty started undergoing a shift in the 1970s when they introduced their line of sports glasses and sunglasses, at which point they began moving away from fashion glasses. This means that many of the vintage glasses styles you will find from LIberty are from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. 

Vintage Liberty glasses used high-quality aluminum, plastic, and 12k gold, so many of these glasses remain in excellent shape today. Our team at Eyeglasses Warehouse also further cleans and refurbishes the glasses before adding them to our inventory so we can be sure of the condition of every pair of glasses we sell. Browse through our Liberty glasses here or check out our other vintage brands for more 1950s, 60s, and 70s glasses.

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