Fulvue Glasses

What are fulvue glasses?

Fulvue glasses are eyeglass frames where the side temples connet to the front of these vintage eye glasses at the top corner of the frames, rather than in the center. This was an invention by American Optical and it was supposed to prevent the temples from blocking your view whgile looking on the side while driving a vehicle.

The nose pad was invented in the early 1920s. It allowed the lens on fulvue eyeglasses to be further from the face. No longer was the width of lenses restricted to a size that fit under the eyebrow. The Marshwood style with round, ovid, and oval lenses in a wire-bound frame was one of the most successful styles to develop as a result of the nose pad.

Below is our selection of fulvue glasses, more specifically the Marshwood style. We have frames made by Art Craft, Shuron, AO, Bausch & Lomb, Univis, and various other American manufacturers.