Retro Designer 70s Oscar de la Renta Frames from Eyeglasses Warehouse

Eyeglasses Warehouse is a leading seller of authentic vintage frames from such notable design houses as Oscar de la Renta. De la Renta specialized in elegant, European-influenced design that became a staple of American celebrities, socialites, and first ladies.

Our vintage Oscar de la Renta eyeglass frames are an original piece of fashion history, and a one of a kind accessory. Add a pair of vintage Oscar de la Renta sunglasses to your wardrobe today, and check back often as we add new designer glasses to our collection at Eyeglasses Warehouse.


About Our Vintage Glasses from Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta was a Dominican fashion designer that started his label in 1963. By the middle of the decade, he had risen to international fame as one of the fashion designers to dress Jackie Kennedy. With a focus on women’s designer clothes and accessories, Oscar de la Renta sold designer sunglasses and eyeglass frames as part of their collection.

One of the best known glasses styles from Oscar de la Renta are the butterfly frame sunglasses. These frames get their name from the way the enormous lenses connect with a very narrow bridge, looking similar to a butterfly’s wings. These glasses were a popular style for women’s sunglasses in the 1970s. You will often hear them called Jackie O glasses after the former first lady made them her signature look.

Beyond these iconic shades, Oscar de la Renta designed other eyeglasses and sunglasses for 1960s and 1970s fashions such as:

  • Rectangular Glasses – Keeping with styles of the 60s and 70s, rectangular sunglasses had oversized lenses and thick frames. A slight curvature on the top and bottom of the frame added visual interest.
  • Aviator Glasses – Aviators were the prevailing style for sunglasses and eyeglasses in the 1970s, particularly among men. Oscar de la Renta produced vintage aviator sunglasses for women and men.
  • Wire Rim Glasses – Oscar de la Renta offered a more subdued line of wire frame eyeglass frames. These haute couture glasses combine style and function.

During the 1970s, Oscar de la Renta was partnered with American Optical. This well-known optics company produced the frames that de la Renta designed, lending high quality manufacturing to these designer glasses.

Oscar de la Renta made their sunglasses out of acetate, a type of plastic used in the majority of frames since the 1950s. Eyeglass frames and aviators were generally made from steel or gold. Common designs and colors for vintage Oscar de la Renta sunglasses include tortoiseshell and light, clear colors such as pink and blue.

Today, the design variety of Oscar de la Renta glasses makes it possible to find a pair of vintage glasses that matches your style at Eyeglasses Warehouse. Replace with your favorite tint of sunglasses lenses for 70s style, or have your optician insert prescription lenses for a unique pair of daily wear glasses.

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