Browline Glasses

Browline glasses were common for men and women in the 1950s and 1960s. These were the most popular style of 1950s glasses for men. They consist of a wire frame on the bottom with a metal or plastic “brow” on top of the eyelashes.

Browline eyeglasses were Invented by American Optical, they called their model Sirmont. Shuron made a similar model and called their take on vintage browline eyeglasses “Ronsir”. Artcraft called them Art-rim. B&L called them Clubmaster. Incidently, it is B&L clubmaster that is most popular today.

Vintage browline glasses were made in a variety of materials. Most common amongst them were plastic and metal Many of the plastic ones did not age well over the years. Usable examples of the browline frame for women and for men are very difficult to find today. Generally, the plastic shrinks over time. Because the metal frame is solid, most browline eyeglasses have cracks in the plastic caps and arms. Generally, only those frames purchased as part of an old warehouse or store stock are suitable for everyday use. We sell only browline glasses frames that are functional and can be used for prescription lenses.

Men’s Browline Glasses

Browline glasses for men were the most common type of browline eyeglasses. Women for the most part wore cat eye glasses suring the 1950’s. The classic look of a man in the 1950s was a man wearing vintage browline eye glasses.

Browline Glasses for Women

That being said, there was enough of a market for browline glasses for women Below are the browline frames that we have in stock for women.

Other names for Browline Eyeglasses

Some refer to browline frames as Malcolm X Glasses, due to the fact that he wore this style much of the time. Others refer to these as combination glasses, due to the fact that they are made up of two parts, often of different material. Also referred to as G man Glasses. We have a large selection of vintage browline glasses for men and women