Monocle Glasses

Monocle glasses are a type of corrective lens used to enhance or correct vision in just one eye. Though they are called “monocle glasses,” it is actually just one circular lens that’s usually encircled by a wire ring that allows it to be attached to wire or string. The other end of the chain or string is usually connected to the person’s clothing to prevent them from losing the monocle. The following information will explain everything you need to know about monocle eyewear.

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Monocle Definition

A monocle is a round, single corrective eye lens covering one eye to help the person see. An eye monocle is held in place by the muscles surrounding the wearer’s eye and is commonly attached to their clothing by a chain or string.

What is a Monocle?

We hear one question a lot, and that is: “What is a monocle?” An eye monocle differs from typical eyeglasses in that traditional glasses are used to cover both eyes. Monocles were commonly used throughout history as a way to magnify small prints. Today, it’s sometimes used by certain skilled workers to create intricate details in items such as jewelry. During America’s late 19th Century, many upper-class men and women sported an eye monocle as an elaborate fashion piece.

Monocle eyewear is made from glass or glass surrounded by a metal frame. As we mentioned, monocle glasses are usually affixed to the person’s clothes via a string or chain to prevent them from losing them. Cheaper variations of monocle eyewear didn’t appear until the early 20th Century, which is when they became popular among a wider range of people.

How Do Monocles Stay On

Another commonly asked question about monocle glasses is, “How do monocles stay on?” The monocle eyepiece is made to sit comfortably between the fleshy portion of the bottom eye socket just above the cheekbone and the fleshy part of the eyebrow. Monocle eyepieces are crafted so that each one has a protruding ledge named “The Gallery.” This ledge is located at the top and bottom of the monocle glasses sitting proudly on the mainframe.

Thanks to the design of monocle eyepieces, there’s no need to squint or contract the eyelids to help the monocle stay on. This ledge, combined with certain facial muscles, is what holds the monocle in place. For instance, the Orbicularis Oculi is a muscle covering the circumference of your outer orbit, and this is what provides monocle glasses with the perfect amount of tension to hold them reasonably firm and comfortably in place.

Eye Monocle History

During the late 19th Century into the early 20th Century, the eye monocle was typically associated with wealthy men from the upper class. When combined with a top hat and morning coat, the eye monocle completed the look of a stereotypical 1890s capitalist.

Though they are rarely worn outside of costume today, the eye monocle was a common sight in the late 19th Century. The eye monocle was also associated with German military officers such as Erich Ludendorff, Dietrich Von Saucken, Wener von Fritsch, and more. The primary reason the eye monocle has all but disappeared is thanks to advances in eyeglass technology that enables doctors to prescribe different strengths for each eye.

Does the Monopoly Man Have A Monocle?

There is quite a bit of controversy surrounding whether the Monopoly Man, Rich Uncle Pennybags, wears monocle eyeglasses or not. Though a certain percentage of people explicitly remember the Monopoly man monocle, it never existed. In fact, Pennybags has never even worn eyeglasses of any type.

So, why do so many people remember the Monopoly guy monocle? According to scientists, it’s most likely due to the Mandela Effect. This unusual phenomenon causes a certain percentage of the population to misremember certain facts. Other common examples of the Mandela effect include Nelson Mandela dying in prison, the Berenstain Bears, and Jif Peanut Butter.

How to Wear a Monocle

When trying to figure out how to wear a monocle, it’s important to ensure the eye muscles grip it. The gallery (as we discussed above) should be placed horizontally, thus keeping the lens from directly touching the eye for a secure and comfortable fit.

Here are the proper steps on how to wear a monocle:

Step 1
Hold the monocle eyepiece by the loop where the monocle meets the pendant. Then, “tip it” to where the top gallery makes first contact with the loose skin between your eyebrow and the top of your eyelid.

Step 2
Using a slightly upward motion, bring the bottom gallery into contact with the skin near the bottom of your eye socket.

Step 3
Practice each step again. Once you’ve practiced enough times, this will become an easy and quick maneuver to help the monocle fit loosely yet firmly in place.

It’s important to note that some people may find it easier to practice getting the bottom part of the gallery in place first and then raise their eyebrows to situate the top. Either way, both eyes should be held open when the monocle eyewear is positioned in front of the eye. Once you figure this part out, your brain will compensate for reading through the monocle and working with your unaffected eye.

Monocle Eyepiece

Another common question we receive is why did people wear a monocle eyepiece in the first place. The truth is that many were forced to wear this single type of vintage frames because there was not the right technology in the 1700s to create traditional eyeglasses that only corrected one eye.

The monocle eyepiece is a corrective single-eye lens that was commonly worn by those who were long-sighted and could not correctly see things up close. Hence, a monocle eyepiece was the easiest way doctors could correct the vision out of only one affected eye until technological advancements came later.

Monocle Eyewear Today

As we mentioned, monocle eyewear is very uncommon in today’s modern world. The main reason for this is that eye doctors can now craft traditional eyewear that features a different prescription strength for one or both eyes. Not to mention we also have contact lenses today that some people wear when they have only one eye affected.

When we do see monocle eyewear today, it’s usually part of a costume. There are many brand mascots, such as the Planters Peanut guy who wears a monocle. However, though most people think that the Monopoly man monocle is real, he does not wear any sort of glasses.

Glass Monocle

So, what is a glass monocle? A glass monocle is a standard monocle that is made completely of glass. Though most monocles are outfitted with a wire ring going around the circumference to allow the wearer to attach the glass monocle to their clothing, some do not have a metal ring. When a glass monocle did not have the wire ring, it meant the person would have to be careful and ensure that they placed it somewhere safe when it wasn’t in use. It’s said that some of the first monocles styles were simple glass ones.

Prescription Monocle

The main reason people wore monocles was to correct their vision. The Prescription monocle only helped one eye see better but at the time was considered ideal for its intended use.

Modern Monocle

The modern monocle looks similar to the monocles of the past. The main difference is that today most monocles are either vintage or newer retro frames that look like items we make today. You can expect a modern monocle to have all the technological capabilities of today’s traditional eyeglasses. Yet, it’s also worth mentioning that many of today’s modern monocles are just made for show and are used as part of a costume.

Monocle Eyeglass

At the end of the day, though you don’t see monocle eyeglass frames very often, they do still exist. The truth is that since technology and glasses have progressed, these styles are what people often choose. This leaves monocle eyeglasses as one of the least common eyeglass options of our day. However, you can commonly find monocle eyeglasses in company branding and in movies and plays.

Monocle for Sale

Real vintage monocles were custom made for the original owner. A cast was made of the bone structure between the eyebrow, cheek, and nose. This cast was used to create a mold to form a gallery. The gallery served to keep the monocle in place without deforming the face and also to extend the lens forward to make room for the eyelash. A properly fitted monocle did not fall out and was not uncomfortable to wear. The gallery can be reformed by a jeweler through heating and bending. However, the fit will never be as good as that of a monocle gallery formed by a mold. Monocles were expensive in their day. Relatively few were made and they are scarce today.

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