Vintage Ray Ban Glasses

Ray-Ban glasses are a brand that never goes out of style. From vintage Ray Ban Aviators to classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers, these are some of the most iconic styles for eyeglasses and sunglasses. At Eyeglasses Warehouse, we offer vintage Ray Ban glasses frames from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, offering trending styles with vintage flair.

Eyeglasses Warehouse is dedicated to reclaiming authentic vintage frames and restoring them. Look below for our selection of Ray-Ban glasses, and check back often as we add more vintage Ray-Bans to our site.


History of the Ray-Ban Brand

Ray-Ban started as a line of sunglasses designed by Bausch & Lomb, a well known glasses maker. In the 1930s, Bausch & Lomb worked with the U.S. military to design effective sunglasses for pilots to replace the unwieldy goggles they had been using before. The sunglasses needed to reduce the blinding glare from sunlight, leading to the name “Ray-Ban.”

The first glasses released under the Ray-Ban line were the Aviators which Bausch & Lomb sold commercially starting in 1938. Since then, Ray-Ban has become one of the most recognizable brands for sunglasses.

Ray Ban Aviators

The original Ray Ban Aviators modeled a style similar to what pilots were wearing at the time with ovoid frames that tapered at the bottom, a two piece brow bar, and temples that fit close to the face in order to fit under a pilot’s headgear. Early commercial models were updated with a metal frame that became standard for this vintage eyewear.

In the 1950s, Ray Ban Aviators came into style as men’s sunglasses as fashions imitated military looks from WWII the decade prior. Photographs of legendary General Douglas MacArthur, who led military operations in the Pacific Theater, captured him in Aviators. After the end of the war, men imitated his style with their own Aviators. These glasses would come back into style in the 1970s and 1980s.

From there, Bausch & Lomb added additional styles to their Ray-Ban lineup, including:

  • Ray-Ban Wayfarers – Bausch & Lomb released Wayfarer sunglasses in 1956 and they skyrocketed to popularity. Their distinctive trapezoid shaped lenses and heavy frames were the preferred style for men’s sunglasses in the 50s and 60s, and have gone in and out of style since. Wayfarers were similar to the style Buddy Holly wore, and have been a favored style among celebrities like Michael Jackson, George Michael, and Billy Joel. Ray-Ban Wayfarers are also one of the most filmed glasses, appearing in hundreds of movies and TV shows between 1980 and 2007, leading to their enduring popularity.
  • Ray-Ban Echelon – Also called Ray-Ban Caravan glasses, these are a type of Aviator sunglasses that feature square lenses instead of the rounded teardrop shape. These glasses first went on the market in 1957.
  • Ray-Ban Olympian – Launched in 1965, vintage Olympian sunglasses had a heavy brow bar and thinner wire around the lenses, making them look like semi-rimless glasses. Most Olympian glasses are made from gold wire.
  • Ray-Ban Clubmaster – First introduced in the 1980s, the Clubmaster quickly became the third most popular style of Ray-Bans. Vintage Clubmaster glasses used the browline style with a heavy top frame and thin wire around the lenses.

Mens Rayban Glasses

Although Ray-Bans were initially meant to be sunglasses, they also make attractive eyeglasses or accessories in modern fashion. Add a pair of our vintage Womens or Mens Ray-Ban glasses to your daily wear, and come back to our site often to have the first chance at more vintage Ray-Ban styles.

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