Rodenstock Glasses

Few glasses companies will have the range of spectacles that you can expect from Rodenstock. This German company has over 100 years of history in making eyeglass frames. From antique wire frames from the early 1900s to retro 1950s glasses frames, Rodenstock has endless styles.

Our selection of Rodenstock glasses frames at Eyeglasses Warehouse are original vintage frames, each carefully cleaned, restored, and ready to wear. They make a great alternative to modern frames or can be an authentic part of a reenactment or costume for film or stage.


About Rodenstock Glasses

Rodenstock is a staple in the history of glasses. First established in 1877 in Germany, the company quickly became a popular name in eyewear in Germany. Throughout the decades, Rodenstock invented many of the innovations that became standards of eyeglasses and sunglasses design. 

By the 1900s, Rodenstock had already become the first company to produce sunglasses with UV protection embedded in the lenses. They also designed a bifocal lens with the near segment ground in rather than separately attached. Rodenstock was also the first company to make self tinting eyeglasses lenses in 1968, and one of the first to make plastic ophthalmic lenses.

Rodenstock’s innovative lenses and high fashion frames made this company a leader in the eyeglass world despite turbulent years in Europe. By 1955, they were selling over 5 million frames a year.

High production numbers and over a century glasses means that Rodenstock glasses are available in a variety of styles, including:

Rodenstock eyeglasses were ideal for the average consumer, but also spotted on celebrities throughout the decades. Whether you want a traditional pair of antique spectacles or flashy vintage glasses, Rodenstock glasses frames are a great choice.

Our Rodenstock eyeglass frames at Eyeglasses Warehouse can be adapted to your needs with prescription lenses, sunglass lenses, or your preferred pair of modern self tinting lenses. Simply choose the pair you like best, and if you don’t see the right glasses today, check back frequently as our inventory updates.

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