Round Lens Glasses

Early Horn rimmed glasses made between 1900 and 1930 were often round in shape and sometimes called round lens glasses. Many of those older frames have become brittle with age. Generally, new lenses can be installed but, because of age and the nature of early plastic, there is no guarantee that these frames will not break in the attempt to change lenses. They are better suited for the collector of vintage frames. We also sell many such frames for props in movies and on stage.

Round Glasses

Despite the above warning, we get many request for round glasses from this period and style of eyewear.  We have a nice selection of vintage round lens glasses as well as reproduction round glasses frames for sale.

The proper procedure for changing or installing lenses in plastic frames is to heat the frame in a hot sand box or with a commercial hot air gun until the plastic is soft and pliable.  Any attempt to shape or bend the plastic when it is cold will result in breakage.

We also carry a selection of round wire rim frames. Many of these frames are coated with an early type of plastic called zylo. Visit our wire rim glasses page.

Harold Llyod Glasses

Early round lens glasses are often called Harold Lloyd Glasses. Harold Lloyd made a charachter out of his round glasses and to some degree is respoonsable for the popularity of eyeglasses in the USA. In most photographs it appears as if he is wearing black bakelite round eyeglases frames.