Old Fashioned Glasses | Glasses for Movies & Stage Use

We receive many requests from props department for old fashioned glasses that can be used for movies tv, shows, and stage use in theatres. We have a good selection of old fashioned eyeglasses , including pince-nez, lorgnettes, vintage eyewear, and some antique spectacles, as well as modern day retro eye glasses frames. Props departments generally request to have duplicates of the same identical old fashioned frames in case they break or get lost mid filming. Old fashioned style glasses this is easy but with genuine vintage glasses it is sometimes challenging to find a few identical frames. We work hard to find identicals and are proud to say that to date we have provided old style glasses for many big box hollywood films and TV shows, as well as renowned theatres from NYC to Sydney Australia. Weather you are looking for genuine old fashioned glasses for reenactment or you are looking for modern day old fashioned looking glasses, we can help. Please see our selection of vintage eyewear here.