Univis Glasses

Eyeglasses Warehouse has an extensive collection of vintage glasses from the 1960s and 70s, including those made by the Univis Frame Company. This was a leading eyewear manufacturer during these decades with high quality frames that look great. Browse our selection of Univis vintage glasses below.

About the Univis Frame Company

The Univis Lens Company was founded in Dayton, Ohio in 1939 to supply lens blanks to opticians. Simultaneously, the Bishop Company in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, first founded in 1908, made solely gold-filled wire frame glasses.

The two companies merged in 1960, going through a series of names and acquisitions before settling on the name Univis Frame Company in 1965. By this time, they were producing plastic frames made from cellulose acetate in styles such as:

  • Women’s Cat Eye Glasses – Univis designed cat eye glasses that were relatively plain in comparison to other brands, but used gems and metal ornaments at the corners for a subtle decoration.
  • Bronzini Aviator Glasses – Univis’s Bronzini line of aviators for men utilized ultra-thin and lightweight plastic or metal frames. The lens shape is distinctively square.
  • 1970s Style Large Frame Glasses – In the 1970s, women’s glasses grew in size. Univis used their plastic frames, often in light and transparent acetate.

With origins in Univis’s innovative lenses and the Bishop Company’s well designed frames, glasses from Univis Frame Co represent some of the highest quality antique and vintage frames.

Eyeglasses Warehouse offers new old stock and excellent used Univis eyeglass frames, all of which are authentic vintage pieces. You can turn them into sunglasses with tinted lenses, or replace the existing lenses with your prescription lenses.  If you are looking for vintage glasses from the 1960s or 1970s, check out our selection of Univis glasses.

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