1930s Glasses

The 1930s saw the continuation of the development of vintage eyewear from the early 20th era of pince nez, thin wire frame glasses and windsor style John Lennon glasses, into the stronger, more decorated 20’s and 1930s glasses that would eventually lead to vintage frames as more of a fashion accessory and less of a medical device.

Throughout the 1930s womens glasses had much more detailed etchings and engravings than did 1930s mens glasses. Mens 1930’s eyeglasses were much more plain and simple. The ones with engravings were more simple and linear. Womens 1930s eye glasses were fancier and more decorative.

1930s vintage eyeglass frames

The modern nose pad, as opposed to the saddle bridge, had the effect that frames were now larger than they were before nose pads were invented. 1930s vintage eyeglass frames were on average 1/4 to 1/2 an inch wider than earlier antique eyeglasses.

1930s Sunglasses

Another one of the advances of this decade was 1930s sunglasses. The emergence of 1930s style mens sunglasses as well as womens vintage 1930s sunglasses was a big deal in a brand new world of mass produced vintage sunglasses and these frames continued to evolve from their modest beginings until they reached peak popularity with B&L 1930s sunglasses.