Winston Churchill Glasses

What Kind Of Glasses Did Winston Churchill wear?

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was known for his iconic tortoise shell round glasses. In the early days He wore Windsor glasses but later switched to round dark tortoise shell glasses.

Windston Churchill’s glasses were made by a British Company called C.W. Dixey & Son. They have record of him purchasing frames for close to 50 years. One of Winston Churchill’s eyeglasses frames was recently sold at auction for $11,200 GBP.

winston churchill glasses
A 1946 image of Winston Churchill
wearing “Windsor” styled eyeglasses.

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Winston Churchill Reading Glasses

Churchill had a unique system for finding the correct pair of glasses frames for any given task. He had his optician make metal dots on his eyeglass frames, one dot for reading glasses and two dots for regular frames, He also had different glasses made for various activities such as for playing cards, or for painting.

Winston Churchill Sunglasses

Many people want to wear sunglasses frames in the style of Winston Churchill. There are photo’s of Winston Churchil wearing Sunglasses that we are aware of.

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