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Pince Nez Sunglasses – The Ultimate Vintage Eyewear Trend 

You have dozens of different vintage sunglass types you can choose from. From standard horn rimmed glasses to timeless aviators to vintage cat eye sunglasses, there are a number of looks you can choose from for sunglasses that exude vintage charm.

But no pair of vintage sunglasses is as unique as pince nez sunglasses. Pince nez were a type of spectacle that was the height of style in the 1890s and early 1900s, particularly among women and the upper class, so it made sense for this style to also become a style for antique sunglasses that surprisingly has remained highly relevant today. 

Wearing Pince Nez Sunglasses with Modern Wardrobes 

The pince nez style of eyewear forgoes temples and instead holds the glasses in place by pinching the nose. Pince nez name comes from the French for “pinch nose.”

Historically, the spectacles were often kept on a chain around the neck or attached to the clothes and the wearer could slip them on quickly by using the bridge spring to create tension that would hold the sunglasses on the note bridge of the nose whenever they stepped out to the sun.

Pince nez glasses developed a reputation for not being extremely stable. But what they lack in function, they make up for in terms of style. Because they were only popular for about a 20 to 30 year period around the turn of the century, pince nez sunglasses have a decidedly vintage look that you cannot get with other sunglass frames.

They also bring an air of luxury to your eyewear, reflecting the style of 1890s academics and theater goers. Wearers also had to hold themselves with a certain poise in order to keep pince nez sunglasses from slipping off, which contributes to their refinement.

Although the popularity of pince nez sunglasses was relatively short, they are a look that has not faded from the world of fashion. There are many pop culture references and reasons to have a pair of vintage pince nez sunglasses for modern wear. Some of the ways that these vintage glasses have stood out in more recent years include:

  • Film – In the movie The Matrix, Morpheus wears a pair of dark black pince nez sunglasses that brought this look back to the public in the 1990s.
  • Steampunk – Pince nez sunglasses are a fun option for steampunk costumes because of their retro style.
  • Modern Designer Eyewear – A few contemporary designers have started offering retro pince nez sunglasses. These are new pieces, but with the same retro look as original pince nez sunglasses that are bringing this style back in as an innovative sunglass look.
  • Ease of Wear – Putting on a pair of pince nez sunglasses is fast and offers a quick way to don sunglasses when lights get bright.

Although there are many replica pince nez sunglasses available today, nothing matches the sophistication of original antique eyewear. Eyeglasses Warehouse sells says a wide variety of pince nez frames that make a beautiful pair of sunglasses. Some of our grames have original tinted lenses in them or you can have your optician change out the lenses for you in the tint of your choice.

Pince nez sunglasses make for a beautiful, one of a kind pair of antique sunglasses. See all of the frames that we have available or check out other vintage sunglasses at Eyeglasses Warehouse.

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