Antique Solid Gold Glasses Sliding Temple Eyeglasses Glasses Vintage Rare 1850


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These are beautiful oval Antique solid gold glasses sliding temple glasses. The exact gold content is unclear, likely between 10k-18k. They seem to say L.S.F & S. under one temple with what appears to be a hallmark in the shape of a star., and something like NOEL SPAT TANYH 1850 on the inside of the other temple. The outside of one temple is also engraved but it is hard to make out the letters. One temple is slightly damaged, seems like it was bent or pulled with a pliers in one area, but the sliding mechanism works fine. They came with this case, unclear if it is the original case but they seem to fit well. The lenses can be popped out and replaced with prescription lenses.


Width: 4 1/4 inches

Temple Length: 6 inches

Lens diameter: 33X26mm

Bridge: 26mm