Round Eyeglasses Antique 1/10 12k White Gold Filled Vintage Glasses Frames 2931


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Beautiful antique 1/10 12k White Gold Filled antique eyeglasses. They are approximately 80 years old. In great condition. There are non prescription sunglass lenses in them. Check out our ebay store for a large selection of antique eyeglasses frames as well as many different vintage styles.


These are previously worn frames, normal scratches and general wear and tear is expected. We have inspected them to make sure they are fully functional, screws and hinges work, can take your prescription lenses and are suitable for daily use.


Frame width: 4 1/2 inches

Temple Length: 6 inches

Lens size: 40mm

Bridge: 22mm

This is a medium sized pair.


The P3 style is the first type of eyeglasses to make use of the newly invented nose pad in the early 1920’s. Also known as the “Marshwood” style. Usually made of gold or silver, these frames came with either round or Ovid lenses. The arms came out from the middle of the frame, until the “Ful-Vue” style was invented where the temples came out of the top of the frame, this was done to allow the wearer a “Full View” while looking to his sides without the arms blocking his view. Most of these frames were gold filled, a heavy gold plating process, usually the frame was 10% 12k gold. Throughout the years many have been melted down for their gold content and they are becoming harder to find..