Cable Temple Glasses

History of Cable Temple Frames

cable temple eyeglasses were introduced in 1885 and remained popular until about 1920. Most lenses were oval. Round lenses are sometimes found. This period saw the introduction of colored glass as a sunglass. Color lenses before this period usually served a medical purpose. Common colors are dark green, light green, amber, blue, and smoke.

Cable temple eyeglasses continued to be made into the 1930’s. Eyeglass Frames from this period tend to be larger than the frames produced earlier. Also, some of the vintage frames were coated with an early type of plastic called zylo. Visit our round wire rim page.

Riding Temple Glasses

In 1880 spectacle makers took advantage of newly invented spring steel. They made riding temples that curved around the ear and held eyeglasses in place while riding a horse or running. The riding temple frames was very popular from 1880 to the early 1920’s. When the automobile replaced the horse as the primary means of transportation, the riding temple glasses faded from use.

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