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Rimless Sunglasses: The Perfect 2022 Summer Style

One of the sunglass styles that seems to be more popular this summer is rimless sunglasses. This summer’s glasses trend is all about the rimless frames with rectangular lenses, preferably in brown, grey, or pink tints.

At Eyeglasses Warehouse, we love the idea of making this modern style with a pair of vintage rimless frames. Original frames from the 1900s, 1910s, and 1920s offer an unmatched look and quality that you will not find in modern sunglasses, while still providing that sleek and minimalist look without frames that will draw attention away from your face. Here is how to get your own pair of custom vintage rimless sunglasses.

How to Create Your Own Rimless Sunglasses

Rimless frames were first introduced at the beginning of the 1900s as eyeglasses that offered a low profile look without bulky rims. Most of the original hardware and temple pieces consisted of 10k or 12k gold filled that easily held up over the decades and hundreds of wears.

Today, this look is back in as sunglasses, honoring the retro style from the 90s. We advocate for incorporating an even more retro look from the early 1900s by using these rimless frames as the basis for your sunglasses:

  • Find Your Size – Vintage rimless frames are easy to fit since you only have to worry about bridge and temple measurements. Since you will be changing the lenses out, there is flexibility on the front measurements. Take your measurements so you know which pair will fit.
  • Browse the Selection – You can search through our collection of antique rimless glasses at Eyeglasses Warehouse to find a frame in the metal tone, size, and quality you want. We also have retro rimless glasses which are brand new glasses inspired by the vintage rimless frames in our collection.
  • Swap Out the Lenses – Take your vintage sunglass frames to your optician or send them to a company that does lens replacement. You can choose to replace them with lenses in a variety of shapes, types (including polarized or prescription), and colors. You can go with what is in style this summer and choose more rectangular lenses, or opt for a classic look with tinted ovoid lenses.
  • Wear Your Glasses – Grab any other 90s era items in your closet and pair them with your vintage rimless sunglasses, or simply wear vintage glasses as your daily pair of sunglasses. The original gold frames will hold up well to everyday wear and continue to look great. Since they are optical quality, you can also change out lenses the next year to keep your look fresh.

Eyeglasses Warehouse has one of the largest selections of vintage rimless sunglasses online to make it easy to find the exact pair you want to wear this summer. Get started looking today with our inventory of vintage rimless frames and retro rimless frames.

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