Scott Harris Glasses

When choosing glasses for yourself, you may come across endless options. One of the most well-known brands of eyewear that you can confide in is Scott Harris glasses.
Scott Harris eyewear is great for daily use but also provides you with the choice that best suits your individuality. They have a wide range of glasses, with exclusive men, women, and unisex frames.
Scott Harris glasses are designed to match both your face and personality. Keeping this in mind, let’s briefly glance at some of the other striking features of the eyewear brand!

Scott Harris Vintage Glasses

The styling of Scott Harris’s eyeglasses is fresh, subtle, colorful, and without any unnecessary heavy embellishments. These characteristics offered by the brand are also evident in its vintage glasses line.
Their classic collection is a superb combo of realistic vintage design with a hint of modernism- for instance, nose pads and common screws. Additionally, this collection proved versatile in fashion, appealing to the taste of different groups of wearers.
One of the key reasons behind the success of Scott Harris’s vintage glasses is that the styles are authentic and retro.
Let’s take, for example, the SH-VIN-42 from the vintage family; the combo of unisex style with metal temples perfectly embodies classic inspiration upgraded for modern-day eyeglass wearers.

Scott Harris’s vintage collection’s top favorites

Talking of the classic line of glasses by Scott Harris, there are numerous designs and styles, each crafted to match the personality of different wearers.
Some designs rank higher in popularity than others, but whatever they offer is unique, stylish, and on-point. One of Scott Harris’s best sellers is their VIN-23. The sleek frame perfectly suits everyone- from teenage girls to middle-aged men, they all love to wear this design. It’s truly versatile!
Moving to yet another all-time favorite style, the VIN-17, the unisex metal look features the original vintage wire-rim glasses style with a rounded eye shape, one of the more notable Scott Harris frames. Moreover, the wide saddle bridge goes well with various face shapes and sizes, thus giving everyone an opportunity to wear this classic eyeglass look.
We all can agree that Scott Harris’s vintage glasses range is pretty good in sizing, with the added benefit of chic and sophisticated styles.
Exquisite details and designs and unmatched quality. Come get yours today!

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