Stoggles is a brand that specializes in innovative eyewear designed to provide a combination of style and eye protection. Stoggles are a hybrid model that combines the aesthetic appeal of designer frames with the protective features of safety glasses. They are made from ultra-lightweight polycarbonate material and are designed for extreme comfort while offering a higher level of eye protection compared to standard safety glasses.

The brand aims to inspire the importance of everyday eye protection through their seamless and innovative design. In summary, Stoggles focuses on creating eyewear that not only looks stylish but also provides the functionality of protective goggles, emphasizing the importance of eye care.

Seamlessly integrated side and top shields extend from the frame, forming a protective barrier for your eyes. The shields, available in clear or lightly tinted options, create an expansive and breezy sensation, enveloping your peripheral vision in vibrant summer shades.

Crafted from polycarbonate, a fully recyclable material, Stoggles offer a lightweight, flexible, shatterproof, and impact-resistant solution. The material ensures crisp optical clarity and provides nearly 100% UV ray blocking, ensuring comprehensive protection from both the lenses and the frame.

Weighing a mere 18 grams, Stoggles incorporate an anatomical temple design, offering a comfortable yet secure fit for a delightful experience throughout the day.

Stoggles ran an Indiegogo campaign in 2020 and raised over $3 Million dollars from 60,000+ backers.

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