Sunglass lens replacement

Looking for replacement sunglass lenses for frames youalready own? Eyeglasses Warehouse is the solution for your online prescription sunglass lens replacement needs. Follow our simple online process below and you will have your replacement sunglasses lenses in no time.

Getting a new prescription does not mean you need to order replacement sunglasses frames. As long as your frames are in good condition we can supply you with replacement lenses for your sunglasses.

Here’s How it works:

  1. Choose your frame type.
  2. Choose your lens type. Transition lenses, polarized lenses etc.
  3. Send us your sunglasses: You will receive a prepaid label with a box to send us your sunglasses for replacement lenses.
  4. Give it a week: Our expert lab technicians will swap your old lenses with the new ones
  5. Replacement sunglasses are in: You will receive your reglazed sunglasses in the mail. You look fabulous!
sunglass lens replacement

Top reasons customers choose us for online sunglass lens replacement:

Spent too much time at the beach and sunglasses got scratched? You can send us your existing sunglasses and we replace the lenses.

Looking to get more reading done at the beach. We can add readers to your existing sunglasses.

Prescription changed? We can supply replacement sunglass lenses for your old frames.

We also offer replacement lenses for prescription glasses.