Vintage Sunglasses For Men & Women

Sunglasses become iconic fashion accessories when our favorite celebrities and influencers wear them in public or in the cinematic world. Most styles of vintage sunglasses for men and women rose in popularity between the 1940s and 1990s when this accessory became a trend among industry celebrities.

Over the years, rock stars have promoted brands of vintage designer sunglasses, with some brands even joining these stars to create unique or celebrity-themed sunglasses. But perhaps the best part is that vintage-style sunglasses are crafted with enviable quality that makes them stand the true test of time.

Vintage Chanel Sunglasses

Chanel is a French luxury fashion designer that was founded in 1910 by the legendary Coco Chanel. Today, Chanel is a privately held company owned by the grandsons of Coco’s business partner, Pierre Wertheimer. This fashion house offers products, including women’s ready-to-wear, fragrances, watches, handbags, and other luxury goods.

Vintage Chanel sunglasses are some of the most popular antique sunglasses available. These styles are the perfect way to add sophistication and sensibility to any outfit. Whether you’re shopping for vintage Chanel aviators or the perfect Hollywood icon look with vintage scalloped sunglasses, this famed luxury brand has eyewear available that’s tasteful and versatile.

When shopping for vintage Chanel sunglasses, be sure to examine them closely. Authentic Chanel glasses feature superior quality and craftsmanship, making fakes easy to spot. Ultimately, they should be packaged in authentic Chanel boxes and include the brand name etched into one lens. It’s also worth noting that most vintage pairs include a “Made in Italy” stamp on the inside of one frame arm.

womens vintage sunglasses
A Women Wearing Cat Eye Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage Dior Sunglasses

Christain Dior launched his famed couture house in 1946 with the main goal of making beautiful women elegant and elegant women more beautiful. It’s safe to say this was a success, as this visionary altered the fashion landscape of the 20th century.

From Dior’s first collection of clothing, he personified an optimistic and bright future that was very revolutionary. His line of dresses was like something that was never seen before. Dior’s collection declared that femininity, luxury, and opulence were in style. And everything was over-the-top, from the skirts ranging up to 60 pounds each with a circumference of 40 meters to dresses cut like diamonds or other architecture. This is what helped solidify Christian Dior’s name in the luxe fashion scene.

Today you can find a large selection of vintage Dior sunglasses ranging in many color and style options. Regardless of if you’re looking for women’s or men’s glasses, Dior has something to fit your needs. Be sure to check out their vintage aviator sunglasses, butterfly, and oversized frames.

Vintage Gucci Sunglasses

What began as a modest leather shop in Italy grew into an internationally celebrated luxury fashion house. The iconic logo is recognizable near and far, making vintage Gucci sunglasses and other goods some of the most covetable fashion products.

Guccio Gucci began his journey in 1921 following the opening of his small leather shop in his hometown. At first, he focused on crafting equestrian accessories, but as his notoriety grew, so did his footprint. In 1938, Gucci brought on three of his sons to help expand to Milan and Rome, where it didn’t take him long to begin manufacturing handbags.

Sadly, Gucci had just opened a store in New York City when he passed away, but over the years, the brand has still flourished. This is especially true following the takeover by Tom Ford, as he revived the brand to what it is today.

So, when you want to look stylish in vintage shades, Gucci should be at the top of your list. When shopping for vintage Gucci sunglasses, check out their oversized vintage sunglasses, browlines, aviators, and more.

Vintage Versace Sunglasses

Gianni Versace, or simply Versace, is a luxury Italian fashion house that was founded in 1978. The brand offers many products, including Italian-made accessories and ready-to-wear, along with haute couture under their Atelier Versace line.

Versace is renowned for its innovative designs that feature bright colors and flashy symbolic prints. As of 2018, Gucci announced it would stop using fur in its styles, and this was the same year Michael Kors Holdings acquired all Versace shares for the sum of $2.12 billion. Donatella Versace, Gianni’s sister, remains the head of creative design of the fashion line.

Hence, if you’re looking for classic shades, be sure to consider our collection of vintage Versace sunglasses. This famed brand offers many colors and styles, including vintage oval sunglasses, tortoise cat-eye, and wraparounds. Versace sunglasses vintage styles are available for both men and women and are considered a staple in every fashion lover’s collection.

Vintage Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley designs, manufactures, and distributes high-performance athletic accessories, including eyewear, watches, footwear, and other equipment. Their primary market is in goggles, sunglasses, and face shields.

The company was founded in 1975 by James Jannard in his garage for only $300. Named after “Oakley Anne,” his loving English Setter, the company first started by manufacturing motorcycle grips and selling them at motocross events. The material Jannard used to make his grips were like nothing ever seen before.

Jannard released his first eyewear in 1980, which was the O-Frame goggles. This was the first item to depict the brand’s logo on the strap, and it helped Oakley gain prominence and recognition in the sports industry. Jannard’s first sunglasses were the Factory Pilot Eyeshades which were released in 1984. In 1985, he released the iconic Frogskin line, and the rest is history.

If you’re interested in buying vintage Oakley sunglasses, there are many styles available. So, regardless if you’re looking for vintage sunglasses, mens or womens, we have you covered. Among the most popular vintage Oakley sunglasses are vintage wraparound sunglasses, goggles, and, of course, the Oakley Frogskins.

Vintage Cartier Sunglasses

French luxury fashion designer Cartier is one of the world’s most renowned jewelers that’s known for its range of watches, rings, bracelets, and other accessories. While 1847 may not have been the best year to open a jewelry and watchmaking business, Louis-Francois Cartier took a leap and founded one of the most eponymous empires that’s still around today.

Within the jewelry industry, Cartier is internationally recognized for many offerings, which include their Tutti Frutti collection, panthere motif, and the Love bracelet. Though the family sold Cartier following Pierre’s death in 1964, the brand is still innovating, creating new designs, and renewing old masterpieces today.

When shopping for Cartier sunglasses vintage, we offer a wide array of colors and styles. From vintage sunglasses womens to vintage style sunglasses mens to just about every style of Cartier sunglasses, you’ll find what you need in our collection. Check out styles such as vintage rectangle rimless sunglasses, 18K gold round frames, buff sunglasses, or some vintage Romance Santos.

Vintage Prada Sunglasses

This iconic luxury Italian fashion brand was created in 1913 in a small shop in Milan by Mario Prada. In fact, the original shop still exists and features the same mahogany shelves that once displayed its early offerings, such as handbags and travel gear. Today, these leather goods are also joined by wallets, clothing, and other accessories that keep this brand innovative and going strong.

By 1999, Prada still maintained a passion for expanding, so they joined forces with the De Rigo Group and launched the Prada Eyewear line, which was later purchased by Luxottica. These sunglasses remain a staple in today’s fashion scene and are popular accessories among some of the fashion world’s most elite members.

So, when you’re shopping for vintage sunglasses, why not take it back to the Millenia and check out vintage Prada sunglasses? Perhaps one of the best things about vintage Prada sunglasses is that they are still relatively newer styles, so the range of options with these is among the best. Whether you want vintage prescription sunglasses, mens or womens, you’ll find them in our collection.

Vintage Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Though all vintage sunglasses are fashionable and cool, there’s something very special about vintage Ray-ban sunglasses. Maybe it’s because Ray-ban has blessed us with some of the most iconic sunglass styles, from Clubmasters to Wayfarers, but many people don’t realize that they also created the ever-popular aviator style.

Ray-Ban’s sunglasses are made from acetate, where the center portion that holds the lenses is cut from one block. So, when buying vintage Ray-Ban sunglasses, there are some tell-tell signs to spot a fake. Look for seams that are glued and have uneven edges. Ultimately, Ray-Bans are some of the highest quality glasses on the market, with vintage Ray-Ban sunglasses being widely popular.

We offer a large selection of vintage Ray-Ban sunglasses in many styles, from Wayfarers and Clubmasters to vintage aviator sunglasses and other vintage rectangle sunglasses styles. Our collection of vintage Ray-Bans spans centuries, and we have vintage sunglasses for men and women.

Vintage Vuarnet Sunlgasses

Vuarnet is a sunglass brand that’s owned by the French company Sporoptic Pouilloux. The brand’s glasses were first created by French opticians Joseph Hatchiguian and Roger Pouilloux in 1957, when they invented the Skilynx lens.

Vintage Vuarnet sunglasses were initially sold under the moniker ‘Skilynx Acier’ and were given to France’s Ski Team. It wasn’t until 1961, when French ski racer Jean Vuarnet won the gold medal in the 1960 Winter Olympics for the Downhill, that he and the sunglass makers reached an agreement to use his surname for marketing purposes.

Vuarnet went on to act as a corporate sponsor for the 1984 Summer Olympics in L.A. and has been widely popular among music and film legends. People who wore vintage Vuarnet sunglasses include Romy Schneider, Mike Jagger, Alain Delon, Daniel Craig, and Vincent Cassel.

We carry vintage Vuarnet prescription sunglasses for men and women in a wide range of styles, including oversized, rectangle rimless, and vintage round sunglasses.

Vintage Carrera Sunglasses

Spanish for “racing,” Carrera has long been considered a trendsetter in sportswear sunglasses. Regardless if you’re looking for vintage sunglasses womens or mens for skiing, cycling, or canoeing, this brand has what you need.

Carrera’s story began in 1956 when they first began offering helmets and ski goggles. What makes Carrera so great is that their vintage line goes far beyond sports to mesh perfectly with the needs of fashion lovers. Many celebrities have worn vintage Carrera sunglasses, from Sharon Stone and Robert DeNiro to Usher and Lady Gaga; they offer an easy way to take your look to the next level.

Our stock of vintage Carrera sunglasses spans men’s and women’s eyeglass styles for every need. Some of the most popular styles include vintage aviator sunglasses, rimless sunglasses, vintage oval sunglasses, and more.

Vintage Fendi Sunglasses

Born in Rome, Italy, in 1897, Adele Casagrande was a designer from the time she was a young girl. She opened her first fur and leather workshop in 1918, but after getting married to Edoardo Fendi in 1925, she changed the name of her business to Fendi.

Adele passed away in 1977, but her daughters, under the direction of Karl Lagerfield, were able to grow and invent the brand in new ways. Today, Fendi is synonymous with glamor. It encompasses sensuality and richness, with a taste for indulgence, which is evident in all Fendi products.

The eyewear line was developed in 1984 and is still going strong today. And when it comes to vintage Fendi sunglasses, they are still as popular today as they were in their time. Our collection of vintage Fendi sunglasses for men and women offers a touch of style and grace to any look. Some of the most popular styles include vintage cat-eye sunglasses, rimless sunglasses, vintage rectangle sunglasses, and much more.

Vintage Cazal Sunglasses

If you want quality, fashion, and style, check out Cazal vintage sunglasses. They offer trailblazing designs for vintage sunglasses for men and women to let everyone know where you stand. Though Cazal began in Germany, the brand has grown to be a household name around the world.

Cazal vintage sunglasses are sophisticated, elegant, and crafted from durable and stylish titanium. They’ll help show off your elegant character while expressing a luxurious lifestyle and attitude. Cazal vintage sunglasses are unique and not entirely mainstream, making them one of the best options for vintage sunglasses for men and women.

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