Buff Sunglasses


One of the most popular styles of vintage sunglasses in recent years are buff sunglasses, made by Cartier. Cartier is a luxury brand that has been a symbol of timeless elegance since 1847. Known for their mastery of unique skills and crafts, Cartier has established a reputation for excellence in design and innovation. Their most sought-after collection of eyewear, the Cartier Buffs, has become a must-have status symbol popularized in Detroit. These eyeglass frames feature a thin gold-rimmed frame, Bubinga wood, and the iconic Cartier double C detailing, making them a true leader in the eyewear market.

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Cartier Buffs are high-end glasses designed by the luxury brand Cartier. Known for their exceptional quality, noble finishing, and recognizable codes, these glasses have become a popular status symbol worldwide. The name Cartier Buffs refers to the use of buffalo horn in some of Cartier’s most expensive eyeglass designs. This natural material, sourced from South America and Asia, offers unique patterns and a variety of tones to give each frame a distinctive character. The horn is layered for stability and resistance and can be polished over time to regain its shine.

Cartier Buffs Sunglasses

Cartier Buffs sunglasses are a collection of luxury shades that embody the brand’s expertise in jewelry design. Maison Cartier sources only the finest materials, including buffalo horn, and finishes each piece with precious metals such as 18-carat gold in pink, yellow, and white tones. The innovative electroplating and lacquering techniques used ensure that each frame has its own unique character.

The eyewear is hand-lacquered and constructed with natural materials such as wood and horn, giving each frame its own story. Cartier’s dedication to quality is evident in the production process, with each piece made in France, Italy, or Japan using the same technical know-how as their renowned jewelry and watch collections.

The brand’s strong and easily recognizable identity is reflected in each frame, with symbols such as exposed screws, panther embellishments, Godron decorative motifs, c-decor symbols, and precious materials. Buff sunglasses are not your mom’s glasses. They are a symbol of elegance, luxury, and craftsmanship.

Buffalo horn glasses are a unique and luxurious type of eyewear that stands out for their natural beauty and durability. The horn used in these glasses is sourced from the horns of buffalo in South America and Asia, and each piece has its own unique pattern and tone, making every frame truly one of a kind.

The horn material is known for its strength and stability, and it is layered to increase its resistance. Unlike synthetic materials, the horn can be polished over time to regain its shine, giving the glasses a timeless quality. The natural variations in the horn also give each frame a character that is truly distinctive and cannot be replicated by any other material.

In addition to their durability, buffalo horn glasses are a statement of luxury and elegance. The natural beauty of the horn is complemented by the use of precious metals such as gold and platinum, which are used to finish the frames. The result is a piece of eyewear that is not only functional but also a work of art.

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