Tart Arnel Eye Glasses.

Tart Arnel is one of the most famous eyeglass frames ever produced. The Tart Arnel model was inspired by a pair of Horn Rimmed vintage frames worn by James Dean who popularized the look. These frames were made by Liberty Optical. Many vintage eyewear manufacturers made frames inspired by James Dean’s Glasses. The most popular amongst them was Tart’s Arnel model. They have a classic keyhole bridge and iconic rivets.

One of the most famous people to wear a pair of tortoise Tart Arnel Frames is Johnny Depp. There are some arguments as to weather he is wearing that or Moscot Lemtosh glasses, another almost identical frame. It seems to us that Johnny Depp’s glasses are indeed Tart Arnel’s. Due to Johnny Depp wearing these glasses the price for an original pair can be over $1000.

Tart Optical

Tart Optical Enterprise was founded by Julius Tart in 1948. This small but high end eyeglass manufacturer became world famous as many celebrities wore many of their frames. Tart Optical subsequently split into two companies, Julius Tart Optical of Japan and The US division. The US devision of Tart Optical remained in business until the year 2000.

Recently the brand license has been purchased and they have restarted manufacturing Tart Optical Frames.

Shady Character Sunglasses

During the 1980s, Tart restarted manufacturing the Shady Character James Dean frame, one of their most Iconic shapes worn by James Dean in the 1950s. As the license from the James Dean Foundation expired, Tart was pulled into a lawsuit and had to cease producing the Shady Character NYC James Dean. They are therefore one of the hardest frames to find.


Many people are looking for Tart Arnel Style Glasses today. They are not particular about the brand and do not wish to pay the high prices. We have a selection of similar frames, some of which can be found below.

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