Titanium Glasses For Men & Women

Titanium is one of the most durable materials for eyeglass frames. This high-end metal is renowned for its toughness, strength, and durability. And though you may presume this would make titanium glasses heavy, think again. They are surprisingly lightweight and come in many styles that perfectly balance fashion and function.

But we know just how hard it can be to choose the perfect eyeglass frames. So, to save you some time, we’ve created a guide that includes everything you need to know about titanium frame glasses.

What are Titanium Glasses Frames?

Titanium glasses frames are those made from titanium, which is almost like a super material. This metal is very strong and lightweight, so it’s perfect for making glasses frames. Perhaps the best part is it comes in an attractive silver color that doesn’t corrode.

And for those who prefer eyeglass frames that flex and maintain their shape, there are styles made from titanium memory metal that do just that. Thus, titanium glasses frames are the best option for people who have a history of breaking their eyeglasses.

Are Titanium Eyeglass Frames Good?

Yes! Titanium eyeglass frames are an excellent choice because they offer a wide range of benefits. As we’ve discussed, they are lightweight and durable, and unlike plastic or other types of frames, they have bending qualities that make them less likely to break or lose their shape.

Though they are a bit more expensive, they are well worth the investment if you are prone to breaking eyeglasses. Due to titanium’s superior strength, these frames are usually very thin and are up to 40% lighter than steel frames, making them ideal for those sensitive to heavy frames sitting on their ears and nose.

Moreover, titanium is hypoallergenic and nickel-free, so they’re great for allergy sufferers and people who have sensitive skin. And they are available in more colors, textures, and patterns than steel frames.

What is the Advantage of Titanium Frames?

Aside from the advantages of titanium frames that we’ve already discussed, there are still more. Did we mention that titanium eyeglasses won’t corrode, tarnish, or rust? It’s true! This metal is over 20 times more resistant to corrosives than monel. In fact, if placed in saltwater, it would take about 4,000 years for your titanium frames to begin corroding.

Still though, most people prefer titanium glasses frames because they are so sturdy and strong. This metal has the highest strength-to-density ratio out of all metals and is still the second most lightweight material used to make eyeglasses. The final reason that titanium frames are so great

is that they hold their shape and require fewer adjustments, and are also non-toxic to living organisms.

Are Titanium Glasses Expensive?

The only downside to titanium framed glasses is that titanium is a metal that’s challenging to mine, extract, and purify for use. Though this process has come lightyears from where it began, the steps required still take about 10,000 times longer than creating iron. Thus, titanium is one of the more expensive metals on the market.

To add to the cost, eyeglass frames made from titanium require special soldering skills. The metal is very porous, so it requires a machine that produces an oxygen-free environment and maintains a specific temperature.

As you can see, even in raw form, titanium is costly, so when you add that to the specialized skills needed to craft titanium framed glasses, there’s no surprise that these frames cost more.

What is the Most Durable Eyeglass Frame?

The most durable eyeglass frames on the market are Flexon glasses. These frames are made from titanium memory metal and can be bent into practically any position and still bounce back to their original shape.

However, regardless if you opt for the specialized Flexon glasses or just titanium eyeglass frames, titanium is the toughest of all metals from which eyeglass frames are made.

How Can You Tell If Glasses are Titanium?

The most obvious way to tell if glasses are titanium is to look for the symbol that represents pure titanium on the frame somewhere. This symbol is generally found on the frame’s supporting piece near the inside of the temple.

Look for a marking that says PURE TITANIUM or 100% TITANIUM, but you may also find that they say BetaTitanium or feature a beta symbol. The marking will vary by manufacturer, but when in doubt, your best bet is to take the glasses to an optical retailer and ask them to check for you.

How Long Do Titanium Glasses Frames Last?

The length of time your titanium glasses frames last will vary depending on several key factors. However, in general, most titanium frames will last anywhere from a year up to three years. Though with proper care, they can last up to ten years. There are some specific steps you can follow to properly care for your metal frames that will extend their life.

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