Trifocals, bifocals, and progressive lenses are types of eyeglasses that are designed to correct vision at different distances. In this post we will focus on Trifocals.

What are Trifocals

Trifocals are similar to bifocals but have three optical powers in a single lens. The third segment, located between the upper and lower portions, is for intermediate vision (e.g., computer use). The three segments are typically arranged in a visible line. Trifocals are prescribed for individuals who require correction for distance, intermediate, and near vision.

Progressive Lenses (Progressive Bifocals):Progressive lenses, also known as progressive bifocals or no-line bifocals, differ from trifocals in that they don’t have a visible line separating the different optical powers. Progressive lenses provide a seamless transition between the distance, intermediate, and near vision areas. This allows for a more natural and gradual shift in focus.They are often preferred for aesthetic reasons, as there is no visible line on the lens. Also, progressive lenses eliminate the abrupt change in vision associated with traditional bifocals.

In summary:

Bifocals have two distinct optical powers for distance and near vision, separated by a visible line.

Trifocals have three distinct optical powers for distance, intermediate, and near vision, separated by visible lines.

Progressive lenses also have multiple optical powers, but they provide a smooth and seamless transition between them without visible lines.

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