Victorian Glasses

Victorian glasses have a long past and are still being used by the day. It’s not surprising for us to see that eyeglass frames were considered a status symbol in those times, and there could be many reasons why some people chose this look.

As the era of Queen Victoria has passed, new glasses have come forward to fit the time. Victorian glasses were popular among men and women with impaired vision. No one wore fake glasses as people do today, they were strictly medical devices. We have a nice selection of these frames which overlap with most of our 1900s glasses.

Victorian glasses have been quite fashionable in recent years. In the past, people preferred not to go without their pair of spectacles because they were handy.

Victorian glasses are a unique and eye-catching way to make a statement. This eyewear, crafted mostly by hand and with skilled precision, shows that you’re far more than your looks.

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victorian glasses
A pair of victorian era glasses

Victorian Sunglasses

One of the most famous fashion accessories in the Victorian era was a pair of glasses. One of the most emblematic items of this period was Victorian sunglasses. With their help, the wearer could enjoy an improved view in the sunlight and darker rooms.

Back in the day, eyewear was more focused on functionality, so protective glasses such as cinder glasses became an essential part of daily life. Also known as railway spectacles, they kept the eyes safe, especially during raveling, and although they hardly had any fashionable variety, they did the assigned job well.

As 1700s eyeglass frames and 1800s glasses were still under trial and error, the concept of shades was a little vogue in the beginning. Victorian sunglasses were less of a fancy accessory and were made for old or ill people with light sensitivity.

victorian sunglasses
a pair of sunglasses from the victorian era

Going through historical eyewear, it is pretty evident that with time the vintage styles of glasses underwent many changes and became what we see years later. The Victorian era was a stepping stone with many cool spec designs emerging during the time that is fascinating even today.

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