Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women

Authentic cat eye sunglasses offer style that flatters every face and endless combinations of shape, color, and design to match any personality. Eyeglasses Warehouse has an extensive online selection of vintage cat eye sunglasses for sale from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and more.

Our cat eye sunglasses are original vintage, carefully reclaimed by us for a range of ready to wear sunglasses. Simply take your pair to your optometrist to have the existing lenses switched out with sunglass lenses in a tin of your choice. See all of our available cat eye sunglasses below and come back often as we add more glasses to our inventory.

The History of Cat Eye Sunglasses 

Tura cat eye sunglasses from the 1960s with rhinestones

The cat eye frame shape first debuted in the 1930s, offering women a fashionable glasses style with rounded frames that came to dramatic points in the corners. These glasses were often accented with a variety of feminine embellishments, such as cat eye glasses with rhinestones, cat eye glasses with flowers, glitter cat eye glasses, and more. 

By the 1950s, vintage cat eyeglasses had become the leading frame style not just for women who wore glasses daily, but for all women who needed a pair of fashionable and sophisticated vintage sunglasses. The shape of cat eye sunglasses changed over the following decades as lenses became wider and embellishments were left off in favor of simple lines, but vintage cat eye sunglasses remained fashionable throughout the following decades. 

Selecting a Pair of Unique Cat Eye Sunglasses at Eyeglasses Warehouse

Yellow acetate cat eye glasses with yellow lenses from the 1960s

An important advantage of wearing cat eye sunglasses has always been the vibrant designs that transform them from simple eyewear into a fashionable accessory. Starting from the iconic cat eye shape of the 1950s to the many different iterations of shapes, materials, colors, and ornamentation, you can find cat eye sunglasses to fit every style.

Whether you want the quintessential pink rhinestone cat eye sunglasses from the 1950s, a sleeker pair of dark Audrey Hepburn cat eye sunglasses, or any of the many styles in between, Eyeglasses Warehouse has sunglasses to match your look. Some of the options you can choose from in our inventory include:

  • Different Materials – Cat eye glasses from the 1930s and 40s traditionally used aluminum for the frames, which makes for a unique pair of metallic sunglasses. Later, cat eye sunglasses transitioned to smooth, durable, and lightweight cellulose acetate. 
  • Colors – Color options for cat eye sunglasses range from the more subdued gold and silver tones and blacks and grays to vibrant reds, pinks, blues, and purple glasses. You will even find two-tone ombre cat eye sunglasses, rainbow eye sunglasses, sparkly cat eye sunglasses, tortoiseshell cat eye sunglasses, and clear cat eye sunglasses. You can further customize the look by choosing contrasting lens colors when you replace the lenses. 
  • Optical Companies – With the popularity of cat eye sunglasses in the 1950s, almost every optical company was producing their own high quality pairs. Our inventory includes cat eye glasses from Tura, Schiaparelli, American Optical, Universal Optical, Art-Craft, and other leading brands.
  • Embellishments – Often one of the most fun aspects of cat eye glasses are the embellishments. These offer a final touch of personalization. The classic rhinestones are always a good choice for cat eye sunglasses, but you can also choose other decorations like vines and flowers, engravings, stars, and gold filigree for a look that stands out in the sun. 

Our inventory has authentic cat eye glasses for every size, including small cat eye sunglasses, child’s cat eye sunglasses, and large cat eye sunglasses.

Stand Out with Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat eye sunglasses today have much of the same appeal that they had almost a century ago. With the many design options, you can compliment every outfit and mood. Enjoy a relaxed day at the beach with brightly colored cat sunglasses or spend a day out shopping in a pair of cat eye sunglasses with browline tops.

Our cat eye sunglasses are also a great way to match the style of fashion icons of the past, such as Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Grace Kelly or define a style that is entirely your own from our selection of:

  • Authentic Cat Eye Sunglasses
  • Rhinestone Cat Eye Sunglasses
  • Pink Cat Eye Sunglasses 
  • Marilyn Monroe Cat Eye Sunglasses 
  • Tura Cat Eye Sunglasses
  • Tortoiseshell Cat Eye Sunglasses
  • Audrey Hepburn Cat Eye Sunglasses 
  • Children’s Cat Eye Sunglasses 

As with all of the glasses in our inventory, every pair of our original cat eye sunglasses is ready to be transformed into your perfect pair of sunnies. Find the design you like best and have your optician swap out the existing lenses for tinted lenses. Or use your frames as cat eye prescription glasses, cat eye reading glasses, or even cat eye blue light blocking glasses.

Search a fantastic pair of vintage cat eye sunglasses in our inventory here and remember to check back for more one of a kind vintage cat eye styles.

Embrace vintage charm with cat-eye sunglasses for women at Eyeglasses Warehouse. While exploring cat-eye frames, discover the timeless and functional allure of “Reading Glasses.” Immerse yourself in the details that make these frames a classic