Vintage Horn Rimmed Sunglasses at Eyeglasses Warehouse

Vintage horn rimmed glasses have almost always been the top choice for women’s and men’s sunglasses. First popular in the 1950s, their thick rims in either black or color create a bold look that works well with colored lenses or bold dark lenses. Eyeglasses Warehouse has a large selection of authentic horn rim frames from the 1940s, 1950s, and 60s that make exceptional modern sunglasses.

For each frame in our inventory, you can customize glasses with your choice of lenses, including tinted sunglass lenses for the perfect pair of functional sunglasses with a vintage look.

Genuine Men’s Horn Rimmed Sunglasses for Sale Online

Horn rimmed glasses first became popular in the 1920s as an eyeglass style when they were made of tortoise shell or animal horn. Around this same time, sunglasses were starting to become a fashion accessory for men and women.

By the 1950s, both horn rimmed glasses and sunglasses had reached a height in popularity, and horn rimmed sunglasses were the vintage men’s sunglasses leading style. This would remain true throughout the 1960s and into later decades, making sunglasses with thick frames as iconic today as they were originally.

1950s sunglasses were often made of plastic or aluminum. They also came in a wide variety of colors, although black frames with dark lenses were generally the most popular style.

Some of the different styles of horn rimmed glasses you can find at Eyeglasses Warehouse include:

The majority of horn rimmed glasses in our inventory are optical quality originally designed as eyeglasses, but turning them into sunglasses is as easy as changing out the lenses to your color of choice. The original quality also provides a long lasting and reliable pair of vintage frames.

Our genuine horn rimmed glasses are a perfect frame for men’s sunglasses with retro flair or a pair of retro women’s sunglasses, and every pair of horn rimmed sunglasses in our inventory is carefully chosen by us. We offer either new old stock or gently used glasses for a pair of glasses that will remain wearable for decades to come. Whether you are accenting a vintage costume or want to bring authentic retro style to your daily look, see all of the sunglass frames we have available on our site and bookmark our site to keep up to date as we continue to offer new pairs of vintage sunglasses.

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