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Vintage Wire Rim Sunglasses

For a fresh summer look, wire rim sunglasses are currently on trend, and it is easy to see why. The subtle wire frames, often in silver or gold, are a great way to offset a pair of neutral color tinted lenses for a classic look or give a metallic compliment to brightly colored lenses for a pair of sunglasses that are more fun.

Although you can find trendy wire rimmed sunglasses almost everywhere, vintage wire rim sunglasses have a fantastic, unique look that you cannot get with newer frames.

Antique Wire Rimmed Frames for Sunglasses 

Wire rimmed glasses were one of the first frame styles and their adaptability and classic appeal mean that wire frames are always in style. A pair of vintage sunglasses with wire frames have multiple benefits as well, such as being relatively more durable when compared to plastic and coming in a range of different shapes and styles that let you pick the wire sunglass look that you like best:

  • Antique 19th Century Wire Rim Glasses – Metal glasses from the 1800s, usually in gold or steel, are one of the most distinguishable vintage looks. The lenses, which are often oval or rectangular, are generally small, which is extremely distinguishable and stylish for a great vintage look. These wire frames sunglasses are best with blue and blue or amber lenses. 
  • Windsor Glasses – The circular lenses and saddle bridge of Windsor glasses are a notable look that transcends many decades of style. You can get the vintage appeal or the look of John Lennon sunglasses with a pair of retro round glasses.
  • Ful-Vue Glasses – These are the glasses that dominated the first half of the 1900s in eyewear. Although slightly more modern than the previous century with features like nose pads that make them more comfortable to wear, Marshwood glasses still exude vintage charm and are a perfect way to have your own unique take wire rimmed sunglasses.

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