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Which Vintage Sunglass Brands are the Best? 

When looking at vintage sunglasses, there are hundreds of different types available, from unbranded mass market sunglasses to the highly collectible designer brands of the second half of the 20th century. The truth is that any optical quality glasses frame, like those you will find in our inventory at Eyeglasses Warehouse, can be made into a pair of sunglasses.

But if you are looking for a pair of genuine vintage sunglasses from a well known brand, these are the ones that have made history with their unique designs, celebrity associations, and enduring quality.

Leading Vintage Sunglasses Brands 

Sunglasses first appeared in the 1950s, and the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s are often considered the height of sunglass design with an extensive variety of vintage sunglasses ranging from sleek and classic to avant garde and innovative.

Collectible vintage sunglasses that are most in demand today include:

  • Vintage Christian Dior Sunglasses – Dior was the first designer to design glasses, including vintage sunglasses. The designer vintage sunglasses were manufactured and sold by Tura Eyewear, featuring styles that went with fashion-forward looks and often had extensive ornamentation.
  • Vintage Ray-Ban Sunglasses – Bausch & Lomb originally designed Ray-Ban sunglasses for military pilots before they became a popular vintage men’s sunglass style. Top Ray-Ban models are vintage Ray Ban aviator sunglasses, vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarers, and vintage Ray-Ban Clubmasters.
  • Shuron Sunglasses – Shuron’s leading sunglasses were the Ronsirs, a browline sunglasses style that had dark frames  and was usually worn with dark lenses.
  • Genuine Universal Optical Sunglasses – Universal Optical created the Mansfield Square F770 vintage sunglasses that James Dean was famous for wearing. Vintage James Dean sunglasses nead black frames and nearly black lenses to complete the look.
  • Retro Cazal Sunglasses – Emerging into the world of sunglasses in the 1980s, Cazal created innovative styles that came to define fashion in the hip hop industry. 
  • Vintage Versace Sunglasses – A prolific designer in the late 70s and early 80s, Versace also designed many extravagant vintage sunglasses.

With the extensive range of vintage high quality sunglasses available today, it is possible to find a variety of glasses that will work with any style. You can also create an entirely unique pair when you choose vintage glasses frames in any style from Eyeglasses Warehouse and have your optician replace the lenses with your preferred color. 

Every pair of antique glasses and vintage frames for sale online at Eyeglasses Warehouse is suitable for a pair of vintage sunglasses while also providing you a one of a kind look. See all the different frame styles we have available from the different eras on our website and choose the style that will make your perfect pair of vintage sunglasses.

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