Granny Glasses

Granny glasses are a vintage eyewear that has existed since the early 20th century. The style reached its peak of popularity in the 1950s and 60s but has been revived by a new generation of fashion-savvy people.
Typical “grandma glasses” have large, round lenses and thin wire frames. Stereotypically older women usually wear them, hence the name. But in recent years, younger people have embraced them as a fashion statement.
Whether looking for a new style or channeling your inner grandma, granny glasses are a great option. Keep reading to learn more about this retro style!

Grandma Glasses

The throwback granny glasses trend has taken off among stylish women who want a modern, up-to-date, empowering look.
Pulling off this trendy look can be challenging, to say the least. If you want to achieve the right balance, it’s crucial to pair the glasses with clothing items that won’t make you look like someone straight out of the 1980s.
Anyone can rock this popular fashion trend with just a few wardrobe tweaks and knowledge of what makes for a stylish granny glasses ensemble.
For instance, vintage grandma-inspired glasses frames like Giorgio Armani AR 7204 frames are great, as you can easily mix and match them with various outfits. Or the trendy oversized specs like Blue Ribbon BR5 glasses look stunning with most hairstyles and are pretty easy to pull off.

Grandpa Glasses

Grandma or grandpa glasses, first made famous in pop fiction by John Lennon in the 1960s, were a big hit worldwide. These vintage-inspired glasses come in many shapes and sizes- round, rectangular, or oval-shaped frames featuring thin or bold rims, with some, even having colored frames.
As this classic style of eyewear is getting popular again, high-end brands have jumped into the same bandwagon and come up with their take on granny spec with a bolder look. One such gorgeous retro eyewear includes Gucci GG3747 glasses in five different funky hues.

granny glasses frames
A pair of Gold Granny Glasses Frames

Old Man Glasses

While the idea of old man glasses might sound age-restricted, today’s fashion industry is challenging all the stereotypes. Optical wear shouldn’t have gender or age limitations, so old man-style glasses are the highlight of fashion brands and icons.
Celebrities, models, and influencers love this vintage specs trend; you can see them donning classic round glasses or vintage aviator sunglasses with a statement outfit. Besides the overall style of glasses, you can experiment with different frame colours like the Polaroid PLD 3S 001 glasses, available in three vibrant designs.
Honestly, the options have no end as long as you dare to come out of your comfort zone and elevate your style choices. And, what other best way than donning a perfect pair of granny-style glasses?

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